And The Tree Was Happy 



Forever and Ever, in Memory and thankfulness to:

The Creator of all things under His limitless, Undefinable Juristictions;

Yahweh Sabaoth,  LORD of Hosts, THE Master of Legions, by His Enduring Eternal Name.





Please research the Federal TITLE IV- D program under the Social Security Act which has never been enacted into positive law for good reason.
It's literally killing men and women alike. Under the wake of Federal Incentives and bonuses they reap, survives here the voice of a silent scream as one of the people.
Like a Ship or Vessle lost upon the water as they declare us to be be beyond thieir paygrade, behind closed doors abusing laws they forgot it or were ignorant of it by such deciet and corruption to see exposure.. You are in fact by The Law to be named and referenced to be a vessle that would never ever be allowed into port by again forgotten, yet practiced and established Martitime Laws in this present earthy juristiction and domain, by TRUST so called , you are and remain NAMED by the landmarks (foot prints) on all birth certificates contracted unknowingly by beloved mothers as if to give Title and Deed to Rich Bankers, by The All Caps Name in hope and love, to the state under a piece of paper so sealed by Registar's seal and number to be traded upon unknowingly for profitt, under and by the modern markets, and stock exchanges which can still be observed to this Day of Our Lord. They call Him such by their laws and statues serving themselves and only themselves for profiit ignorging thier Bar and curse themselves by mocking thier sworn oaths alone, even unto thier household, so they are cursed too stealing from The Estate thereby they were not named, but they raped it nonetheless by arrogance and greed. To them, I give public notice here such actions are only temporary so leave them alone, while they boast. There remains No present Justice and expouding lawlessness in where many hearts grew COLD My warning to all of you is that you, yourselves endure under borrowed time. May such entities than inflict the injustice be cursed by their actions or lack thereof. May those who knew better or contractees, be ashamed of their silence in that they themselves hold no value to contracts or bonds secured by a wet inked signature as was binding in the days of old. It's too late for me here, but not for you if so oberservant. Research updating your status with your local County Clerk. That will be your foundation in exposing the great fraud being exercised by Kangaroo Courts, Fake Judges, and Administrators who attempt to fool you that it's genuine as if to scare you. Present yourself NOT before such a court, But do know The Name they Deny and Stand by It.

May Yahweh bless you in your studies. May He guard you as you govern yourself accordingly. Fight as long as you can.


In closing, We ALL endure like hailing vessles upon the sea sailing by eartlhy explaination, under the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 except they do declare us dead and lost at sea. Nothing is further from the truth as we try to get home from help by the simple level horizon of the Sea so created, By The Creator. You may find my prayer is as simple as this; May none of us be forgotten in times or success or failures, as we look through the fog even unto that Lighthouse destination guiding us remaining still and true if only by the hope looking forward to that safe welcoming light from that lighthouse and that destination, guiding us home in the most obsidian darkness of the great waters so above, and below, as it is so written. This is The Firmament as so written. I am very sorry for those I hurt along my journey discovering such things but know that in the end in my heart I loved and love you all kinda like the illustration above expecting nothing more than a tree stump if I was so blessed to be happy in present realities. Make no mistake if you know the story. I remain convinced by that story we can be The Tree, or The Boy, at different times in the story of our lives. The most important principle or the lesson is this tiimeless love story in both characters found themselves to be together again at the end of the book and they made peace. In all my years, I really think that's what Shel Silverstien meant to convey, but gave the freedom to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.
To this day, I remain convinced children understand this better than adults. Adults cannot understand the simplicity.


For my First Born Madison, And My Son, Zack. May You Forever grow up and stand to be the Executrix, And Executor, of The Estate as so promised from above given to you both by divine plan and title.
Until His Kingdom Come. Until again We are ALL so called forth and remembered to give account. Forever and Ever as yours will mine as I carry that on with me.


My Most Beloved, And Remembered, under Shadows from The Keel of the ship from beyond the Great Sea I SO found my TRUE love.






by: todd@toddbradshaw


NEAR. 37373-0001






















P.S. If you got this far, locate your birth certificate and find the Registar's seal number. Look for the Get A Quote option on on the menu OR click HERE.

Punch in your number. For example, mine is SS2454667 Under the Great State of Colorado.

Did not work? Punch in your number again, only this time with spaces.

S S 2 4 5 4 6 6 7


On the following screen, you will have opened the door to the real world and will see which Corporations are presently trading under your Birth Certificate number.

If you dig further, look at the Net Value in what they declare YOU to be worth. They'll never send you THAT Letter in the Mailbox will they because they have you focused looking at your 401K.

Speaking of Mailboxes, They are not your friend no matter how much you decorate them in your front yard, but that is left for you to discover and be convinced of.


You are on your own from there my friend.



See you down the path.