Bradshaw, Todd Jonathan

Bradshaw, Todd Jonathan
c/o Box 614
Sale Creek, TN 37373


Recorded Notices and Announcements are coming soon
to properly notify ALL Agents and Entities serving The District of Columbia and beyond.
By public record so recorded unto the land juristiction and soil
THE LIVING MAN AND SOUL no longer lost at Sea
perthe Cestui Que Vie Act 1666
domiciles THE ESTATE to The Nation State of Colorado
as evidenced by Authenticated Birth Certificate
So comes forth The Living Man and Soul, humbly in presentment
To Notice All unto HIS KINGDOM COME.
Serving ALL We, The People..

In pursuit in Royal Service in pursute of His Majestity
by faith and action(s) unto the Last Day;



Even so presently in this world under the firmament above so created,

The American National, Todd Jonathan, of the family and House of Bradshaw
so presently called, sends YOU the Living Man, Woman, or Child the most sincere greetings from afar.
Past the greatest of distances, inso much ALL are so very welcomed at the table without distain or judgement.


Inso much we stand together AS ONE, The People.



May Yahweh Bless You and Your Family in His Service until His Kingdom comes.
Unto all things are established to and for His Glory under the heavens above us all.



Please Note:

Inquires and interests about the commercial use (.COM) and purchase of this domain

are most welcomed by U.S. Mail understanding the sender's capacity to do so will be so respected by the outreach and efforts of the heart.

That is to say money is NOT an issue or the pursuit as I seek no monetary profit as if to steal or take advantage of from those, The People.

What matters is how this name is carried on in presentment with honor and good meaning to advance something I could have never accomplished myself alone.

I do believe this domain would serve a man of such means.


Buncombe Co.
















Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden 
(November 11, 1872 – July 17, 1953)



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