Bradshaw, Todd Jonathan

Bradshaw, Todd Jonathan
c/o Box 614
Sale Creek, TN 37373


On March 18th, 2019,
Seven documents were recorded by official record in Prescott, Arizona
by the honorable service of the Yavapai County Recorder so certified that Todd Jonathan Bradshaw©, LS and all or any other name variation(s) so spelled and/or manipulated
over the course of His life did so as matter-of-fact return "home" to claim His Name, legally and lawfully and regained control of the vessle itself and raised a flag hidden or obstructed.
This official record shall endure by presentment long after The Living Man passes away, past any presumtion or exploitation, as the recording itself
serving as public record and testimony recognized and honored by all States
Underneath The Creator.

ALL Agents and Entities serving The District of Columbia as foreign agents, public servants, employees
of this public record will be so notified properly and peacefully and respectfully notified by complaint of Fraud, unto liability and accountability.

So recorded unto the land juristiction and soil,
THE LIVING MAN AND SOUL no longer lost at Sea
perthe Cestui Que Vie Act 1666
domiciles The ESTATE as evidenced in His Birth to The Nation State of Colorado
as evidenced and probated by Authenticated Birth Certificate
Effective October 20th, 1970.
So now, here comes forth The Living Man and Soul, humbly in presentment
To Notice All unto HIS KINGDOM COME.

We, The People..

In pursuit in Royal Service of His Magesty
by faith and action(s) unto the very Last Day.

The American State National, Todd Jonathan, of the family and lawful House of Bradshaw
so presently called, sends YOU the Living Man, Woman, or Child the most sincere greetings from afar.
Past the greatest of distances, inso much ALL are so very welcomed at the table without distain or judgement.


Inso much we stand together AS ONE, The People.

So written here, noticed, and executed here again, unto forever and ever.



May Yahweh Bless You and Your Family in His Service, until His Kingdom comes.
Unto all things are established to and for His Glory under the heavens above us all.












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are most welcomed by service of U.S. Mail. to the address posted above. The domain itself offered, will be retired soon and unpublished
as to not act commerce to those that would presume such.

The Authorized Agent, would be most interested progessing the domain here
inso much it and of itself finds a good person to make something good of the domain itself moving
forward for good cause in the genuine pursuit of good faith and hope.
There is no price,
or Federal Promisary Note
that can secure or guarantee anymore
A dream or an enduring hope.


For this cause, I do send, respectfully, a special invitation.




~ Executor



2019 All Rights Reserved.