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Load ''*'' ,8,1: RUN

YAHWEH appears at 4:40.. Beautiful song from the heart. It tears me up in all humility that mainstream Christianity sings so powerfully about The Name but tip toes around the historical fact that satan was sneaky enough to try to change The original Names and THE NAME (7,000 times) as they were written and even Messiah said He was YHWH..In the flesh.. I quote Sandi Patty ''They tried to understand, but they could not.'' Look again, and see what has been changed and what has always been to this day...Not by my words but His..As it is written, His Name for sure will endure forever.. And even here it does in a glimpse. in spirit and meaning. And the world will confess it into Kingdom come for what is to come. And see Him for WHO He is. Should any man stand or fall in that day (Including ME) , HE - does NOT change from age to age forever and ever.....Praise YHWH!! And preachers, mega churches are on NOTICE under just THAT.